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What others are saying.

Working with Jen has really opened my eyes! Before Jen I suppressed all of the shame I felt over debt and successes. She’s encouraged and guided me to be confident in myself and helped me to transform my mindset, which has allowed me to grow in my personal, financial and work life. I’m able to put everything into perspective, and take it one day at a time!
— Sythia Baumer, VP Client Services
Before being coached by Jen, my concern was for everyone else in my life. Being a mom, everyone comes first. Not true!!!

Jen opened my eyes to seeing that I need to take the time to work on me to make ME better. Her guidance shifted my whole perspective, to think of life from a different angle, which I’m not sure I ever thought about before.  I’m so excited to continue making these changes to improve my life, as well as for my family and loved ones!
— Brandee Mares, AP Manager
I want to thank you for helping me to realize my worth. I have struggled with being focused on my health and since we started meeting, I got a trainer and am already loving the results and love the new healthy habits I have. I would not have been this committed and focus to change had it not been for our coaching sessions. It was your positive uplifting talks and suggested readings that helped me realize my worth and that while I usually take care of others, it was time I put myself first.

This is the first time since I got pregnant with my daughter Alex, 22 years ago that I put myself first. I have already noticed that I am happier which has helped me be a better mother, wife and friend.

THANK YOU for this newly inspired energy and focus I have!!!
— Antoinette
Working with Jen has truly changed my life! For the first time in my 20+ years as a professional career woman, I now have the perfect job and couldn’t be happier with life!

Before working with Jen, I was laid off and then experienced a series of low-paying, dead-end jobs. Her coaching made me realize what I deserved and how to pursue the best opportunity for ME.

Jen also helped me refine my wardrobe for work AND personal. While I didn’t LOVE getting rid of some of the stuff that filled my closet, she helped me realize that it left room to replace with things I love. She’s spot on with her style and color assessments. It’s a full package!

Jen is a powerful motivator and naturally inspires all those around her. I am forever grateful for her coaching, compassion and direction. I feel so fulfilled! Thank you Jen!
— Sonja Schuh
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