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No BS Approach to Living Authentically in 2018


Ever wonder how busy professionals stay grounded, and GET $HIT done?

They create balance and one way to do this…staying connected. With yourself. THE MOST IMPORTANT RELATIONSHIP in your life!

Click the video for a quick tip on how to stay connected.


This video is a deeper look from last week's video on what it means to connect with yourself.

You'll learn quick tips on how to stay connected in your busy boss babe life.



No BS in Leadership: THE OTHER V WORD.

Ever wonder how busy professionals are respected as leaders? They tap into something very interesting…. Watch the video to find out what the OTHER V-word is!

Join (me) Jen Becker from JQIC and Sarah Byrd from Hello Lovely Life, Inc. as we talk about opening up and moving forward even if it makes you uncomfortable!