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Cracking the Code to Creating a Powerful Brand

What does your brand say about you?  Do you even have a brand?  Yep, you sure do.  So, then does your brand communicate the message you want it to convey to clients, colleagues and friends?  If not, you may consider what needs to be changed. 

Below are the five most important factors in creating a successful brand for success, and empowerment.  What’s stopping you? 


1.    Communication

Rated as the number one skill by employers; organizations that learn effective communication are nearly five times as likely to retain the best employees.


Communication is the most desired skill by employers, even above hard skills such as computer programs and on-the-job knowledge. Many employees lack practical knowledge such as the necessary critical communicate skills when interacting with customers and colleagues. These soft skills are rarely learned from a textbook, and are lacking in today’s young workforce. Learning, assertive, professional, yet friendly communication will prove to be your secret weapon when dealing with challenging situations. 


2.    Attitude

Studies show that 46% of new-hires fail within the first 18 months, and of those new hires 89% fail for reasons associated with attitude.

Attitude can make or break the culture or environment of your company. Attitude even affects the client experience. Your success, and the success of the company depends tremendously on the attitude of its employees. A great attitude starts with confidence. Are you happy with your job/position? Can you envision a long-term career at your company to grow and progress? Are you being challenged and recognized for your hard work? If no, why? 


3.    Engagement

70% of employees are not engaged at work. This impacts the team, clients and the company. 

Are you glued to your cell phone? Think your client, coworker and boss doesn’t notice? They do. When you’re not engaged with your client and/or team members, it could result in the loss of a client, sale, or other important relationships. Place great value on engagement and body language when you are in meetings, which are critical to your success. 


4.    Authenticity

Mistrust comes from a disconnect between what you say and what you do. Nearly 9 out of 10 people will reward a brand for its authenticity. You are your brand. 

It’s important to not only actually be authentic, but to show that you’re authentic. How? Be Reliable, respectful and real. While you are challenged on a daily basis to push your limits, you may be tempted to “mold” yourself into what you believe you need to be. Incorporate your sense of humor, style, charisma, and personality into what you are doing. You will go much further when you are authentic, as you will draw people in when you are genuine. 


5.    (Physical) Appearance

People can’t see intelligence from across the room, but they can see confidence. Confidence is the most important quality you can embody to be successful.

When you walk into a room, no one can see your capabilities, skillset, sense of humor or all around charm, all they have to go off is appearance. Your appearance is very important in gaining respect of those around you. Whether we like it or not, we are judged by our appearance, so why not show your best self, and use that as an opportunity to show your personality. This is what rounds out your brand. You want people to notice what it is you represent, so dress the part.