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Bore & Snore or Exciting & Empowering: Top 10 Most Valuable Company Attributes for Employees

How your employees feel about your company culture is directly correlated with their own set of values.  Yes, you read that correctly, I said the word feel!  While we may not care much about feelings in the workplace, it might be time you start to understand that’s a critical piece of gaining employee loyalty. 


Employees want to be a part of something greater than themselves, which allows them to FEEL (there it is again) good about the contribution they are making in this world.  Think it doesn’t matter?  Think again.  Read below the Top 10 most valuable Company Attributes based on employee feedback.

1.     Appreciation and recognition for a job well done.  Tell them when they have done a good job. We all need a little pat on the back to keep our motivation high...consider making this a critical part of your culture.

2.     Respect: Inclusion and fairness.  People thrive in an environment that makes them feel like they matter, and it’s a safe place to be where they can thrive the most.

3.     Having a voice.  Employees (especially today) want to be heard.  Are you listening?

4.     Growth opportunities. If there isn’t room for them to grow they will go to your competition for growth opportunities. 

5.     Job flexibility. working from home, flex schedule, etc. More and more companies are offering flexibility for their employees.  If you aren't currently offering this, it may be a good time to consider it as an option.  Start small and work your way up to a comfortable level. 

6.     Clear goals and expectations.  Setting clear expectations from the onset will serve you and your employees very well.  Further, this sets the stage for them to do the same with clients.  Open communication with defined goals and expectations will ensure employees have a better opportunity to succeed. 

7.     Supportive and connected leadership. Cultures are built from the top down.  If senior leadership is not supportive or connected, your company culture will suffer.  Connecting with your team, no matter their role, builds a genuine relationship around trust, which leads to loyalty and camaraderie.  Underestimating this piece of the culture pie will kill your culture. 

8.     Responsibilities (aka trust).  Employees want to know you trust them.  Show them how, by empowering them.  Even if it means starting with small tasks/projects, and working your way up the trust ladder.  This helps both parties build a solid foundation, and opens the door for opportunities of improvement along the way.  See above (clear goals and expectations) as your guide. 

9.     Culture and Values. Culture, culture, culture.  Company values should flow naturally into the company culture.  If it doesn't, realign. 

10.  Compensation and Benefits.  Offering fair, and marketable benefits and compensation are part of your total compensation package, which should align with your company values, mission and competitive edge.  If you need help understanding where you need to be, hire a total compensation consultant, a benefits broker or someone who has the expertise to help you refine your strategy. 


After reading this information, what's important to YOUR employees? Is there anything out of alignment here?  You can play the business guessing game, or hire a coach.  It’s your choice, but taking action now, might just save you tons of dough in the long-run, don’t you think?