Coco Chanel was said to have some sort of unidentifiable quality about her, a "Je ne sais quoi." Loosely translated, it means presence.  

Have you ever heard someone being described like that? There's something so inspiring in this kind of power, confidence, mystery. 

I'm Jen.

Brand developer
Successful business coach
Founder of
JQIC, Inc. 

My goal is to inspire and empower women like you to create the life you most desire and help you find your je ne sais quoi."Women are beautiful, powerful, generous, passionate. They can be your best friend and your worst enemy. But most importantly, women can do anything because we are amazing."

Let's define a new kind of woman.

With JQIC's custom tailored coaching programs we are defining the new woman, the new you.

The woman who doesn’t hold back.  
The woman that works hard for her dreams to come true.  
The woman that does whatever it takes to have her life fulfilled.  

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Ready to find your je ne sais quoi?